a. Partnerships

We open up cooperation opportunities for artists / artist who will embody the idea works. We offer a partnership in the management of production / operations management either in the form of a special event or management of the institution based on an agreement – an agreement that both sides support each other.

b. Management of performing arts (theater, dance, music) and exhibitions

We provide services in the area of management of production of the show / exhibition. Professionals in production management will assist in the management of your overall event or sebagain accordance with the cooperation agreement. Cooperation in the area of production management covering media publications online and offline, making the concept of the proposal and budget, the concept of the embodiment of the idea, the management of stage performances, ticket management and management house management.

c. Workshop, Gathering, Symposium, Tour trip, Outbound and other

We provide managerial services in organizing workhop, workshops, gatherings, symposiums, tour trips, outbound, and the like. We will assist you from the need of space, equipment, accommodation, provision of entertainment show, manage participants, and all technical and non technical needs in the realization of a client event.

d. Management Consultancy of Organisation / Human Resources

We offer consulting services to help organizations to map all the potential and weaknesses of the organization to achieve organizational goals.
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