Ratri Kartika Sari; Managing Director

Has experienced for 10 years as a practitioner performing arts management. Been involved in Teater Garasi with tramstop position as financial manager, office, and marketing.

His experience ever dilakoninya as management practitioners performing arts is the manager of ticket management performances Theatre Gandrik since 2010, the production manager several performances: Garibaba’s Strange World – Pappatarahumara Japan, Exhibition of Classical Dance “Savitri” by Retno Maruti – Padnecwara Jakarta, Performing Theater Tetas – by the late AGS. Dipayana.

Some works with Teater Garasi: Sum; Stories from Rantau, and Third Body. And in 2009, the Operational Manager International Symposium Indonesian Performing Arts I. In addition, in 2010-2012 involved as a marketing manager and assistant producer in the event JogjaBroadway; one educational entertainment events, imaginative, and entertaining.

Currently, he is continuing to pursue S2 in Magistra Management (MM) UGM.

Bayu Kusworo AJI; Co – Managing Director

Has over 20 years in the area of the performing arts. One of the founders Teater Garasi and the journey has served as Executive Director and Business Director of Teater Garasi until early 2014.

During his career of 20 years with Teater Garasi has been the executive producer and production manager or nearly all the works Teater Garasi. In 2010 became the initiator of the event JogjaBroadway; one event educational entertainment performances, imaginative, and entertaining. In addition he has also been involved in various activities in other fields, one of which became Financial Manager Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation 2009-2011, Biennale Jogja X Operations Manager 2009, Media Campaign Manager operasioanl An-Sich 2000-2002, and Group Manager Percussion Gebu’in.

Some symposium or seminar performing arts who have invited her involvement; Network Conference Producer for the Performing Arts – Speakers – Japan Foundation in 2009, The International Arts Management Fellows Mentoring – Participants – John F. Kennedy Center, Washington 2007, “The issue of Production and Aesthetic Outcomes” – Speakers – Komunitas Utan Kayu – 2007, Arts Management for Group Campus Theatre – facilitator – Koteka 2005.

And currently serves as the Director of Operations of the “Friends of Bamboo” Yogyakarta and remains a freelance manager in the area of the performing arts.

In carrying out all of its activities, we are supported by fellow young professionals in the field of performing arts either creators or management practitioners.